Overview of Family Law

Family law is a specialty here at Vagovic law. We’re devoted to your family and doing right by whoever is involved.  Family law can invoke stress, remorse and sometimes celebration, but here we’re going to into specifics of what constitutes family law. 

The Basics

Family law is basically any legal procedure involving the family. This could be anything from divorce to custody to alimony to adoption. Family law is often associated with a dramatic change in lifestyle or daily routine, but that isn’t always the case. Whatever your situation, it is always important to make decisions based on the good of the family. It is vital to understand the responsibilities and consequences that come with your specific family law case.

When Should You Involve a Lawyer?

Sometimes family law cases are solved without the help of lawyers. Some people view involving lawyers, especially in a divorce case, as an antagonistic move. This shouldn’t be the case.

A lawyer's role is to help you understand the complexities of your case and to look out for your best interest. Lawyers are trained to understand the law, and there will always be something that a lawyer can contribute to a legal case.

We at Vagovic Law suggest you consult a lawyer before taking ANY legal action, even if your legal matter is amicable. It just helps the process go more smoothly, and you can rest assured that you were informed and counselled before making any major decisions that involve your loved ones.       

A Lawyer's’ Role in Family Law  

Anything that concerns child custody, the family, and marriage is basically covered under family law, and there are always multiple outcomes in dealing with any family law case.

For instance, if a grandparent believes that a parent is a danger to their child, maybe due to drug use or abuse, the grandparent may petition the court for custody. Here, the lawyer’s place is to ask the grandparent to consider the best interest of the child and to write and submit the petition, a process that may be complicated for someone not trained in the law.

In divorce cases, there will be many considerations from division of assets, alimony and child custody matters that will need to be addressed. Having a good legal team behind you will give you confidence in matters you are not familiar with and guide you through all the details that can easily overwhelm you. Call Vagovic Law and let us help you and your family move forward with your dignity and integrity intact.

If you would like more information on family law, please contact Vagovic Law at kevin@vagoviclaw.com